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Professional Historians Australia comprises one appointed delegate from each member PHA. Delegates are appointed annually and each has responsibility for at least one role or portfolio. Delegates act as contact points for members of their own PHA.

Professional Historians Australia is incorporated in the Australian Capital Territory (ABN 45 929 376 440). 


PO Box 9177
Deakin ACT 2600

E-mail:   Secretary
Phone:   President 0408 191 017 (International prefix +61)

Committee and Office Bearers

President:  Judy Nissen Qld
Vice President:  Pauline Curby NSW
Secretary:   Caroline Adams SA
Treasurer:  Alan Davis  NT
Accreditation Secretary: Jill Barnard Vic
Public Relations Officer:  Pauline Curby NSW
Special Projects Officer: Kris Bizzaca WA
Web Manager: Alan Davis NT
General Member:  Kathryn Evans Tas

Other Management Officers

 Appeals Secretary: Caroline Adams
 Public Officer: Roslyn Russell




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